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released March 10, 2012

Produced by John Golden. Lyrics by Makenzie Kamal. Music by Arcadence.



all rights reserved


ARCADENCE Orlando, Florida

Alejandro // Brett // Makenzie

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Track Name: Exhausted
I'm so tired, I can't sleep
I keep thinking of changes but I'm not ready.
All I can do is keep moving.

I'm running out of breath but I won't slow down,
The finish line is everything.
But now I can see that its all a lie and I return without myself.

Its all decaying now, rotting from the inside out.
Time melts before my eyes, this can't be real.

My vision unblurs and I see the storm,
The sky bright with jagged streaks of white.
Thunder drowns out sound and the storm, it told me that
I can never go home.
Track Name: Bicycle Thief
Is there a way out of this?
Calling to nowhere
Is there a second chance?
When I open up my mouth to speak I know you're staring straight through me.

This worn down dream is dead.
The streets were paved with gold,
But turn to rubble instead.
If your eyes could only see the storm that's hidden inside of me.

Its not what I thought it would be, so called American dream
I can't stand on my own two feet and no one's here for me.

Am I a prisoner?
My captive is so cruel.
Will I find my freedom here?
And what was peace and hope have died with what you stole.

I watched it slip away from me, no one could stop what was to come.
I watched you slip away from me, and I have no arms to reach,
No legs to stand on, no motion to sustain me.
Track Name: January
Here I am again, my last nerve gives in.
Question me at every turn, for what?
I possess what you cannot.
I with hold what you cannot
I suggest you change your actions.

It never occurred to me that you'd lead me astray,
Say one thing then act another,
in the end you're all the same.
And I believe that you won't see the finish cause you're so far away,
And you don't have the strength.

I could have seen it coming cause after all you're nothing.
And I thought I knew you better than this, I was wrong.
Your heart is sickness, your words are disease.
But I won't let you under my skin.

Look where you stand now
(And I'm sick of asking questions)
Where has it gotten you?
(When will you see the truth?)
Track Name: Brake Lights
Its so hard to believe but I can see it in my mind,
the glowing red lights
And the sound of collision, the screech to a halt
Where the metal met its match that would lead to your last breath

Its not real, tell me this is all just a dream
Its not real, and you'll be here singing next to me...

And I was so wrong, I was selfish and threatened
Couldn't stand the thought of any competition
I'm so sorry, please just come back
Things will never be the same without you here my friend

Its not real, tell me this is all just a dream
Its not real, and you'll be here singing next to me just like it should be.

And I was with you that night.
Can't believe I didn't say good bye...